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I’ve forged my own chain
Link by rusted link
When I signed away my soul
In the scarlet ink
Of all the good I’ve every slain
I’ve dug myself deep
By everything I’ve said
A six foot hole
Long & narrow bed
In which I’ll never sleep
Neck deep in their tears
Aching, water logged,
Begging for Lethe
But the water depart
I’m left standing here; parched
Blinded to what’s before me,
Reaching for crooked fingers
& their golden morsels
But they curl their weathered fist
Locking their jewels out of reach.
& I’m left here,starved
Hollow and empty
Consciousness marred
Teaming with apathy
Nothingness courses our veins
We cannot see
We are the reason
For our suffering
We afflicted ourselves
Needlessly we
Sacrifice our seed
For our own luxury
And wonder why
The gods tantalize
& Tease our minds
When in the end
It’s truly our own greed
Our own endless greed
No matter how much we feed
These endless desire & needs
Never can we slake this lust
For everyth
:iconhourglassoflosttime:HourglassOfLostTime 2 0
Mature content
Judge Me :iconhourglassoflosttime:HourglassOfLostTime 4 6
I'm a complex bitch, at least until you realize I'm a simple girl.
No, I don't mean "woman", I never did grow up.
:iconhourglassoflosttime:HourglassOfLostTime 2 2
Peirce my kingdom with your ways
Purify my thoughts,my heart,my veins
Sway me to change for better
So I might be with you
Hang a diamond in the sky
So I might always have a guide
Promise me you'll let me go
If I loose my light & let darkness corrupt my soul
Stay away from me that day
I don't want to hurt you
Let me linger by your light
Where my shadows dance out of sight
When you kiss my eyes to sleep
Swear you'll meet me in my dreams
Lay down beside me
Let us act on our fancies
Moan out old ghost
Fulfill our fantasies
Scream new life into existence
Promise you'll always remember me
Never let time fade my memory
Swear to me you'll never cry
Even when it comes my time to die
I just want you to be happy
With or without me
I just want you to be happy
Peirce my kingdom with your love
Purify my thoughts, my hearts,my veins
Sway me to change for better
Sway me to change for good
So I might be with you
I just want to be with you baby...
:iconhourglassoflosttime:HourglassOfLostTime 2 0
We're All Laughing Skeletons On the Inside by HourglassOfLostTime We're All Laughing Skeletons On the Inside :iconhourglassoflosttime:HourglassOfLostTime 4 2
Mature content
Homosexuality is NOT a sin: Pass Gay Marriage! :iconhourglassoflosttime:HourglassOfLostTime 1 2
Mature content
The End :iconhourglassoflosttime:HourglassOfLostTime 4 1
Mature content
Serpentine Spider(Complete) :iconhourglassoflosttime:HourglassOfLostTime 4 4
Mature content
I'm Not Your Prince :iconhourglassoflosttime:HourglassOfLostTime 2 1
I'm Not Your Princess
I don't need a knight in shinning armor
I want a king to rule as my amour
I don't need pity for when I fall
I will rise and regain all that was lost
I am your queen
I don't need you save me
I am your queen
I needn't your pity
I am your queen
You will not deny me of my crown
I am your queen
Pretty Pretty princess, time to grow up
You're marionette's no strings; time to own up.
I'm too old for your petty child's play
Nor will I partake in your feigned games (of the heart)
I'll brake form the dungeons
Slay my own dragons
I've served my time in servitude
It's time I breach solitude
I've fought for my own throne
Built my own castles, stone by stone
Till I constructed my paradise
I am my own worst enemy
I am my own great savor
No need to rescue me
I'll fight for myself
I'm not a defenseless princess
I don't need you save me
I am your queen
I needn't your pity
I am your queen
You will not deny me of my crown
:iconhourglassoflosttime:HourglassOfLostTime 5 3
unBIased by HourglassOfLostTime unBIased :iconhourglassoflosttime:HourglassOfLostTime 0 0
Mature content
Hollow(2/ The Song) :iconhourglassoflosttime:HourglassOfLostTime 7 0
Serpentine Spider
She dances 'mongst stone tile
Sowing shadows to her silken skin;
Fraying from her gossamer smile
Weaving shut our gaping lips
Chords of confounded howling
Lace her metallic corset
Hugging her contours, hiding
Yellow serpentine assets
Coiled beneath, her scaled dress frays
To prevaricated threads
Wrapping me in disarray
To dangle from her grand web
:iconhourglassoflosttime:HourglassOfLostTime 2 1
Death is a Woman by HourglassOfLostTime Death is a Woman :iconhourglassoflosttime:HourglassOfLostTime 5 0
Mature content
I'm Only Human :iconhourglassoflosttime:HourglassOfLostTime 2 2


Pack Collection 2: Kaj by UnseenChaos Pack Collection 2: Kaj :iconunseenchaos:UnseenChaos 137 36 The Wild Wood by Enamorte The Wild Wood :iconenamorte:Enamorte 299 14 Witchcraft by EstherPuche-Art Witchcraft :iconestherpuche-art:EstherPuche-Art 399 146
Let's Pretend We're Smiling
I know that you're wearing a mask right now.
But I will not tell you to take it off.
Instead, I'll wear one with you,
and we can both pretend to smile.
But on the day that your mask cracks;
when the wall begins to break away.
I promise I'll be the first to hold you,
and bring you through your darkest days.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 69 15
Bride of death by wlop Bride of death :iconwlop:wlop 9,857 151 Moon princess by uraasa Moon princess :iconuraasa:uraasa 67 18 Sweet Romance by SnowLady7 Sweet Romance :iconsnowlady7:SnowLady7 1,458 81 Fatal light by Candra Fatal light :iconcandra:Candra 2,290 120 Mermaid by Candra Mermaid :iconcandra:Candra 1,759 63 FTF 2014 Mermaid Lagoon by ToolKitten FTF 2014 Mermaid Lagoon :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 4,201 194 Risque Mermaid by HannahMarie182 Risque Mermaid :iconhannahmarie182:HannahMarie182 100 28
Black Monday
Each day I find myself crawling closer
To the edge of what might be called insanity.
Repetitive actions carve a demented fate into my memory
But always, always, I carry out the same.
If you were the voice inside my head,
I wonder, what would you tell me?
That I am stuck in the mire of my begotten routine
Waiting only to be buried in sweet serene?
Ah but if I go, then this verse I beg you tell:
Would you be the angel that follows me into hell?
With barely a nerve left to feel what I had once called pain;
Still, I fear, I'll die alone once again.
~Written by Word of Chen, Masquerade Series - Poem 1,
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 22 5
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Midnight Butterfly


De Lamona Serenity
United States
It's been awhile since I've had access to a reliable working computer on a regular basis. Though as much as it might seem, I assure you I've not fallen off the face of the earth. It's been like a purgatory, However, through the darkness I've managed to grab glistening threads of light in which I weave into epic glittering tapestries I'll use to help tell my tail. Now that I'm able to I intend on sharing them.
  • Listening to: The Mariana Hollow: Come Undone


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